Vijayadashami Admissions Open 2019 -2020- Parents are welcome to register their children immediately.

Mrs. Asma Nainar
Principal - BHIS-K , Joint Managing Trustee - Rayyan Educational Trust

A highly qualified professional in the field of commerce and marketing. Driven by the passion for education, Asma demonstrates strong administrative skills to deliver the vision of Rayyan Educational Trust in Chennai. Asma has played a key role from the beginning of BHIS, Kelambakkam. Asma had taken utmost care to ensure that the best in class and quality of services are provided to the parents and children in our school.

Mrs.Chitra Ramachandran
Senior Academic Coordinator

Mrs. Chitra Ramachandran is an experienced IBO certified teacher for the IBDP programme. She believes that every teacher should have a fund of ready information to share with the students and

Mrs. Rohini Subramanian
CBSE Wing Coordinator

Mrs. Rohini Subramanian, a Science teacher with B.Sc.B.Ed., and a CIDTL qualification which is a feather to her cap. Ms. Rohini opines that the purpose of education is to help students to prepare for real-life situations and emerge as good citizens of our Nation.

Ms. Padma Priya
IGCSE Wing Coordinator

A cost accountant by education and a teacher by choice, strongly believes that education is a lifelong process of constant learning and unlearning. She feels energised when she is around kids and their energy and vibrancy adds a spin to every step that she takes. Priya's passion for teaching along with her love for food and travel sees her chronicling these adventures online. Priya is an asset to the teaching community of BHIS K.

Mrs. Pallavi Patel
Kangaroo Kids wing Coordinator

Mrs. Pallavi Patel is an experienced teacher who moulds young tender minds. No one ever forgets a meaningful teacher who has made an impact on their life. Ms.Pallavi always wants to become that meaningful teacher in every child’s life. She is a graduate in Computer Applications and a trained Montessori teacher.

Ms. Aruna
Kindergarten Teacher

Ms. Aruna is a Montessori trained teacher who has a passion for arts and crafts and quest for knowledge. Being an avid learner, she strongly believes that the best place to unlearn the learnt, learn anew and continue to learn is to be amidst the learners. This teacher is aiming at creating magic through everyday education!

Ms. Cynthia Rajkumari
Kindergarten Teacher

Ms.Cynthia Rajkumari is an extensively passionate and enthusiastic teacher who believes that the little minds are the best to train, groom and mold. Her vision and goal as an educator are to ensure that the learning journey is positive, joyful and rewarding. She pursues to add a dash of sparkle in every child thereby bringing out the uniqueness within them.

Mrs. Ayesha Feroza
Kindergarten Teacher

Mrs. Ayesha Feroza’s forte is being overwhelmingly compassionate with Nursery class students. She is a trained kindergarten teacher and handles children of that age with grace and attention that they deserve. She is a montessori trained teacher.

Kindergarten Teacher

Ms. Devi a graduate in Computer Science and Engineering, considers teaching a passion in life. Her immense enthusiasm and grandiose artistic fervor has added to the years of experience in moulding toddlers and young minds. Ms.Devi is currently undergoing training in Montessori and visions to create a love for learning within her students.

Ms. Malar Balaji
Primary School Teacher

Ms. Malar Balaji, an experienced teacher, decided to pursue her career to be a motivator, instill courage and confidence into tender minds and enhance the technical skill for a better learning and knowledge, which is the need of the hour in today's world.

Mrs. Ruksana Akbar
Primary School Teacher

Mrs. Ruksana Akbar feels honored to be a teacher. Creativity and imagination come naturally to Ruksana and she has thus been able to motivate and facilitate learning in children. Discipline and punctuality are major factors of a 'Good Teacher' and Ruksana instills these values in her students. Ruksana is a trained teacher with a Bachelor of Education and Bachelor of Commerce.

Ms.Praveena Prabhakaran
Middle School Teacher

Ms. Praveena Prabhakaran our Mathematics teacher is vibrant with passion and is charged with a love for teaching. A Pondicherry University gold medalist with a qualification in M.Sc., M.Ed., M.Phil. Ms. Praveena believes that "Teachers teach more by what they are than by what they say".

Ms.Sandya T. P
Middle School Teacher

Ms. Sandya a Bachelor in Arts under Calicut University with a University Third Rank in English and History (Double Main) strives to kindle children to become critical thinkers and outstanding individuals rather than just becoming a standalone programmed citizen. She considers it the responsibility of a teacher to inculcate good values, patriotism and unconditional love within her students.

Ms. Elizabeth
Middle School Teacher

Ms. Elizabeth is a well-adapted and versatile English Teacher with the talent to develop inspiring hands- on lessons that will capture a child's imagination and develop success. She is a warm and caring educator who wants her children to be successful learners and works to create a classroom atmosphere that is stimulating, encouraging and adaptive to the varied needs of students.

Mrs. Sameena Begum
ICT Teacher

Mrs. Sameena walks the path of becoming a seasoned teacher who values each child for who they are. She holds close the quote by Phil Collins - "In learning you will teach, in teaching you will learn." This tech savvy teacher is brimmed up with tricks that awe her learners and sway them into the world of technology.

Ms. Shiny Shajil
Middle School Teacher

Ms. Shiny Shajil, a University of Madras gold medallist in her discipline of Bio Technology and a published author considers “Teaching” a work of the heart that touches lives forever. She aspires to be a teacher who makes children excited to come to school every day. Shiny specialises in several traits such as teaching Science, English and the use of Information Technology. Shiny is also the editor of the BHIS K weekly digest called “Cherries”.

Dr. Ameenur Rahman
Middle School Teacher

Ameenur Rahman, creates interest for science in his students by creating a unique form of inquisitiveness and enquiry. The students love his friendly approach to any topic in science and his innumerable ways of creating relevance in classrooms to what students see in the outside world. As a teacher, he likes to make kids wonder, question, criticise and debate. The wealth of information and the rich experience of applying science in his previous role as a dental practitioner has helped him very much in enhancing the students’ learning experience in the class. He is glad that he ‘took the road less travelled by and that has made all the difference’.

Ms. Ramani Esther Samuel
Middle School Teacher

Ms. Ramani Esther Samuel, an English teacher who keeps adding professional degrees to her checkered hat considers, students as her biggest motivation. You can always see her exhilarated when her children learn and discover new things. She aims at making learning an enjoyable experience for the students and constantly works on becoming an ideal role model for them.

Ms. Kalpana Kumari
Hindi Teacher

Kalpana Kumari teaches Hindi, effortlessly and with a poetic fervor. Ms.Kalpana's desire is to inculcate learning of other languages and that has enabled her students to accept and appreciate other cultures with ease.

Ms. Richa
Primary School Hindi Teacher

Ms. Richa a native Hindi speaker has embarked on this journey as a facilitator to ensure learning to be an enjoyable process and not just a destination. Her passion for making students love Hindi as a language has helped capture the hearts of many children through her captivating teaching skills.

Mr. Sathianandam
Tamil Teacher

Mr. Sathianandam, (also fondly known as Satya sir) our Tamil teacher is keen to share his knowledge with students to spread the Tamil language. The teaching strategy that Satya sir uses lures students to learn the language. His extra skill in training students to form the School Band is another feather in his cap. Satya sir also plays the flute as a personal hobby. He is a graduate in Tamil Language and a trained Student Scout Guide.

Ms. Stella Shoba
Tamil Teacher

Ms. Stella Shoba teaches the State Language Tamil and is a passionate facilitator with the innate ability to inculcate learning in our students. She thrives to exalt students to scale greater heights and grow to become valued citizens.

Mr. Kalaiarasan
Physical Education Teacher

Mr. Kalaiarasan is physical fitness enthusiast and has a penchant for football. He loves teaching sports and believes every game has a new skill and brain training for the child. He watches Baseball and Football games regularly and aims to put our students in national and state level leagues soon.

Ms. Vinothini
Physical Education Teacher

Ms. Vinothini, a National Fencing player and a yoga enthusiast believes in training her students to excel in all fields of Physical Education. She considers her job as a physical instructor to be something beyond just providing physical training. She aims at providing a gateway to self-discovery and wants to help her students learn the importance of Physical Education.

Mrs. Kiruthika Kumar
Dance Teacher

Mrs. Kiruthika Kumar has been under the tutelage of doyens like Dr. Padma Subramaniam. Ms.Kiruthuka believes that “Dance is a form of expression and has to be shared with others”. She derives immense pleasure in teaching her students the various dance forms, from folklore to western fusion. Her offshore dance shows are a testimony to her dance skills and she is keen to hone these skills in her students too.

Mr. Yuvaraj
Art Teacher

Mr. Yuvaraj paints and sketches pictures that appear live to the eyes. His technique in teaching Art & Craftwork is simple, yet elegant. Yuvaraj is very technical in 3D images too. His classes are mostly filled with fun and ofcourse colours. He has majored in Fine Arts with a BA degree and wishes to pursue more art based education in the future.

Mr. Paul Dawson
Music Teacher

Mr. Paul Dawson is a singer, songwriter, music composer, instrumentalist and a teacher who has been involved in the creation of music from an early age of 12. Mr.Dawson's music focuses on social cause, emotions and he aims at facilitating education in music that is on par with the innovative education system of the school.

Mr. C.Ramu
Karate Coach

Mr. Ramu an international Gold Medalist is a National Coach and a Judge in KAI. This Karate master is a 6th Dan Black belt and a postgraduate in the field of Karate. This Karate champion is known for his quick moves that captivate his students.

Mr. Raghupathy
Swimming Coach

Mr. Raghupathy a Swimming Coach Certified from the National Institute of Sports has an experience of 15 years in training young minds to swim through the water and conquer their fears. This Coach is equipped with knowledge in the field of karate and yoga making him a multitalented individual.

Ms. Manasi Uday
Counselor and Therapist

Ms. Manasi Uday is the full time Counselor and therapist of the school. Well versed in 12 different types of psycho therapies, she is specialized in Learning Disabilities and their remedial measures from university of London. She is certified from Buffalo University to handle children with ADHD and UC Davis Centre California in handling early intervention of Autism. She has taken up on herself to create awareness about learning disability, train more teachers and help as many children as possible. She feels blessed to have got this chance to help children fulfill their dreams and get back their self-confidence.