|| Congratulations BHIS-K for winning the excellence in Creative Learning || Admissions Open 2020-21 from preschool to grade 9 ||

Mr. Jilson George
Residential Manager

Mr. Jilson hails from Kerala and comes with a wide range of experience from teaching and also leading schools in Kerala, Bihar, and Kashmir. He is also a trained martial arts practitioner Black Belt in Karate.

Dr. Ameenur Rahman
Middle School Teacher

Ameenur Rahman, creates interest for science in his students by creating a unique form of inquisitiveness and enquiry. The students love his friendly approach to any topic in science and his innumerable ways of creating relevance in classrooms to what students see in the outside world. As a teacher, he likes to make kids wonder, question, criticise and debate. The wealth of information and the rich experience of applying science in his previous role as a dental practitioner has helped him very much in enhancing the students’ learning experience in the class. He is glad that he ‘took the road less travelled by and that has made all the difference’.

Mr. Kalaiarasan
Physical Education Teacher

Mr. Kalaiarasan is physical fitness enthusiast and has a penchant for football. He loves teaching sports and believes every game has a new skill and brain training for the child. He watches Baseball and Football games regularly and aims to put our students in national and state level leagues soon.

Ms. Vinothini
Physical Education Teacher

Ms. Vinothini, a National Fencing player and a yoga enthusiast believes in training her students to excel in all fields of Physical Education. She considers her job as a physical instructor to be something beyond just providing physical training. She aims at providing a gateway to self-discovery and wants to help her students learn the importance of Physical Education.