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Kangaroo Kids Education Ltd ,Mumbai the home of Billabong High International Schools across India and abroad are the pioneers in new format schooling and learning methodology. They have initiated a movement that has changed the face of pre-school and high school education in India. The award winning schooling program has delivered great value towards creating leaders, entrepreneurs, thinkers and writers for the world. Rayyan Educational Trust has entered into a long term franchise agreement with Kangaroo Kids Education Ltd to run and manage the Billabong High International School, Kelambakkam, Chennai.

Rayyan Educational Trust is a registered Public Charitable Trust having its registered office in Chennai, India. The Trustees have spent a lot of time in the field of education in India and abroad. Their vision is to enable schools and educational institutions to deliver “Education and not just Literacy”. The Trustees are working with like minded educationists and philanthropists to evolve the process of education in India and make it child-centric and future focused. Billabong High International School, Kelambakkam is the first venture of the Trust in India.

The only person you should try and be better than is the person you were yesterday

Lina Ashar subscribed to these astute words for herself and most decisively for her teachers, the children, and for education on the whole.

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