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Billabong High International School Kelambakkam, ensures maximising and optimising the time available for the transformation of a child into an adult who adds value to the society in the future. The school believes in achieving this through:

  • Value Based Education with the values being: Health, Environment and Global Integration
  • Maximum parental care in early childhood
  • Minimum travel between home and school in adolescence
  • Maximum information exchange and exposure approaching adulthood

    Infrastructural Facilities Available at BHIS-K Residential Programme

    • Large, cosy and air-conditioned dormitories for boys and girls. Comfortable and air-conditioned reading rooms are well designed to foster the learning of the students.
    • Billabong high creates a caring and friendly environment for each of its student helping them feel safe and secure. To ensure the security of the students 24 x 7 CCTV cameras are fixed in strategic positions inside the campus.
    • An air conditioned TV room is provided for boys and girls separately in their respective dormitories for the students to watch their favourite programme under the supervision of their house wardens.
    • Among the most sought after sports at BHIS  K are Football, Cycling and Handball. The school provides a spacious playground where students can play various sports like basketball, cricket, tennis etc. all of which are set to international standards.
    • BHIS  K library offers a wonderful environment in which children can spend time in reading and exploring books.
    • The library contains books that covers a panoramic spectrum of subjects to satisfy the urge to learn and curiosity that is so natural to the child thereby broadening their experience in a library environment.
    • It also facilitates the teachers in their research for enhanced teaching programmes.