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Why Residential?

Our city, Chennai, is changing and so should schooling. As parents of Chennai can we be honest and answer the following questions:

  1. Are we unhappy about the fact that our children spend hours every day in commuting from home to school?
  2. Does homework and follow up on class work of our children get us anxious and worried every evening?
  3. Do we worry about our children and their loneliness in the evening when we are still at work?
  4. Do we not want our children to have an enjoyable childhood rather than spending time in front of the TV or getting into unwanted quarrels and bad company while we are at work?
  5. Do children deserve a good childhood?

If your answer to all or any of the questions is a “YES” then consider the following:

"An experienced Residential Manager - Mr. Jilson George".

  • He hails from Kerala and comes with a wide range of experience from teaching and also leading schools in Kerala, Bihar, and Kashmir.
  • He is also a trained martial arts practitioner Black Belt in Karate.
  • Mr. Jilson resides in the school's Residential Block and is available to meet parents at their convenience. He will also be contacting many of you soon.
  • If you want to find out more about the Residential Program or recommend other parents, please go through the brochure from ______ and also feel free to reach out to Mr. Jilson :
  • Email : residential@billabongkelambakkam.com
  • Mobile: +91 63743 56923
  • We assure that the Residential program led by him will add more value to the schooling life of our children.

An ideal place after school for a child to go to will be a neighborhood park or a play area where they meet friends, talk with friends and play games to build their spirit of competition. Fortunately we as parents probably had that sort of childhood. Unfortunately today in a growing metropolis like Chennai very few neighborhoods address this need. Even if we have such a neighborhood, we as parents are worried about how safe is the place and who should accompany the child to monitor movements. At BHIS Kelambakkam we intend to solve this problem in our endeavor to make our school stand out for Education and not just Literacy. We have addressed this gap in the life of our children in Chennai by providing for them the weekly boarding facility. We believe that:

Children in Chennai should not be put in long troublesome bus journeys every day but rather once in a week.

Children should spend the evening time in playing with friends, participating in group activities and interacting with a peer group of friends in school who they like to relate to.

  • The school will ensure that children consume a balanced food of carbohydrates, proteins and vitamins for their growing bodies and that they always maintain good health. Eating with friends not only makes eating enjoyable, also appreciate of what they eat.
  • During week days, our house parents will oversee the children. They will be given the right care and grooming advice to take care of themselves and their belongings.
  • When children are sent home during the weekends, they get the entire two days to spend quality time with their parents.
  • This concept is proven successful in big Metro cities like Mumbai, Hyderabad and Bangalore. Parents have found the weekly boarding facility very useful in terms of having productive time and good relationship with their children.
  • We are not experimenting with but rather investing in the future of our children and their well being. Parents are requested not to confuse weekly boarding with term long hostels and residential schools found in many hill stations of India. We are in your vicinity and your children are in the best of care while you are busy at work.


Date/Day Breakfast Break Lunch Break2
MONDAY Omelette, mini beetroot uthapam, Chutney, Sambhar , Corn Flakes Orange Juice, Tea, cookies Phulka, rice, Carrot Beans fougath, Pepper Chicken Masala, papad, curdDal Makhni, peanut Salad Horlicks, Cutlet, Tea
TUESDAY Poori, Aloo Masala, French Toast Watermelon Juice, Tea, Tea cake Fish fingers Baby Corn FryPhulka, Veg KhormaPeas pulao, rice, Rasam, raitha, salad Boost, Tea, Coriander Slider
WEDNESDAY Egg bhurji Veg Mini idly with chutney Vada Grape Juice, Tea, cookies phulka, chow chow kootu , fryums, Raw Banana Fry Chicken chettinad Kadai VegRice, Curd Chickpea Salad Horlicks, Tea, Veg fingers
THURSDAY Multi grain Bread, butter, Jam, Mini masala dosai and Egg Dosai, sambhar, chutney Badam milk, Tea, Muffins Butter Chicken currypaneer butter masalaRice, PhulkaSpinach dhal, curdPasta SALADpappad, ghee Boost, Tea, Crepes
FRIDAY Idly, sambhar, chutney, egg omlette PineApple juice, Tea, Carrot cake Veg Tortilla Soup Nachos With salsaTex Mex Chicken Tex Mex TofuMexican RiceBurritos(3kg Blueberry Fresh cream cake) Horlicks, Tea, Pizza