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If you are is search of a good boarding school, BHIS- K is a perfect choice for you. BHIS -K is one of the best residential schools with the lush of fresh and healthy environment in the suburbs of South Chennai. Literacy and Education are not synonymous as much as they mean to be. Todays minds are literate. Children become literate enough to understand English, Science, Mathematics, Social Studies, and other subjects. They then step into the world of competitive examinations and enter colleges and universities that give them the next level of literacy. The literacy continuum continues forever and children keep acquiring literacy to qualify for a career or to move up the ladder and improve their propensity for employment.

Can this literacy drive, which follows the employment road allow our children to fulfil their dreams and passion? If the race for marks, certificates and knowledge continues to storm the life of the child from a very young age then the answer is we need to add something extra that converts literacy to education. Or else we will continue to have students who become literate working adults who at a very late stage realize that their dreams and their career ambitions are different, will tend to give up, take several u-turns or take an early retirement. Why do we mention this in our school brochure? We are only questioning ourselves. What is that extra that a school needs to do? How do we make the life of a child meaningful for the future so that he or she adds value to the society that they live in and not merely do what they are told but rather question the status quo.

Being competitive is not wrong. However, not realising that competition can sometimes pull in the opposing direction. EVERYDAY to ones passion requires thought and reflection. Such thought and reflection should be nurtured by parents first and then the children next. We propose one such thought and an associated solution - the BHIS Kelambakkam Residential Program.When children reach that age where they can manage their own thoughts and emotions and need personal space, is when we parents should start helping them discover themselves and guide them to find their inner calling  their true potential.

We have realized with our experience in education that this full potential is not just academic acumen but rather a combination of academics, discovery of ones health, becoming aware of the environment and integrating with a global society. This program needs time and dedication from both the discoverer (the child) and the facilitator (the school and parents).This time is currently spent by children in travelling to and fro from school to home and perhaps whiling away time after reaching home in meaningless TV shows and gadget games. The residential program of the BHIS  Kelambakkam facilitates a balance between the academic program of BHIS and self-discovery, life skills and life values that children need today. Its structured, adapted and managed for every child in a holistic manner. The solution offered is not to keep children away from parents for as long as the term time, but rather a residential school for the week and a lift back home for the weekend. This combination of working week at school and weekend at home, is the solution that can create all the difference in the life of your child. The program given below speaks for itself. Please go through it and read the lines that follow:

Virtual tour of the residential programme


Morning Activity Duration
5.30 am Morning wakeup call and stretch 15 min
5.45am Tea/Milk 15 min
6.00 am Morning Exercise/ Yoga/ Jogging/ Cycling 30 min  
6.30 am Clean up and get ready 30 min
7.00 am Study Hour 60 min
8.00 am Break Fast 30 min
8.30 am Morning Session 230 min
12.20 pm                                    Lunch 40 min
1.00 pm Afternoon Session 180 min
4.00 pm Personal Time/ Coaching Class/ Seminar/ Music Class 60 min
5.00 pm Evening Health Program (Football , Badminton, Tennis, Table Tennis/ Swimming 60 min
6.00 pm Clean up and get ready 30 min
6.30 pm Study Hour 90 min
8.00 pm Dinner 30 min
8.30 pm Self-care/ Cultural Programs/ Self Study/ Robotics/ Aero modelling 45 min
9.15 pm Evening Yoga for good sleep 10 min
9.25 pm Personal time 5 min
9.30 pm Off to sleep 8 hours